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Sec 4E5N 2015 Term 2 After School Academic Programme (ASAP)

There will be a revised schedule for ASAP starting 19th Apr as the 4E5N students have stood down from CCA.
The ASAP days have been changed to Mon, Tue and Thur (1500-1600 and 1600-1700).
Please click here for the latest schedule.

E-Learning Day Schedule (29 Apr 2015)

The school has scheduled E-Learning Day on the 29 April 2015.

Please click here for the schedule of subjects involved in the E-Learning.

2015 Mid-Year Examination / Graduation Examination 1 Timetables

Please click here for the examination timetables.

Canteen Japanese Food Stall Vacancy at JSS

The school is inviting interested applicants to operate a Japanese Food Stall in our school canteen at 31, Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618652.

Please click here for the application details.


The application form can be obtained from the General Office of Jurong Secondary School or downloaded from MOE website:

inSpire Registration Forms

Please click on the respective links for the inSpire Registration Forms:

1. Individual

2. Team

After School Academic Programme (ASAP) 2015 Semester 1

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The school has planned the After School Academic Programme (ASAP), which is a structured remedial programme for various subjects for all levels.

Selected students will be required by their subject teachers to attend these remedials.


Please click here for the ASAP schedule.

Growing Years Programme 2015

Please click here for the Parent notification.

ITE Courses Application Process for 2015 (Briefing Slides)

Please click here for the briefing slides.

Book List for Year 2015

Students can download the book list for Year 2015 by clicking on the links below.

Students taking Through Train Course in Year 2015 are to download the Sec 3 (EXP/TT) book list.

Sec 2 (EXP)

Sec 2 (NA)

Sec 2 (NT)

Sec 3 (EXP/ TT)

Sec 3 (NA)

Sec 3 (NT)

Sec 4 (EXP)

Sec 4 (NA)

Sec 4 (NT)

Sec 5 (NA)

Parent Notification – 2015 School Terms and Hours

Please click here for the above Parent Notification.